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THIRSTY-LIGHT – know when to water houseplants and potted plants

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Caring For The Thirsty-Light

  • While the Thirsty-Light is water resistant, avoid immersing the pod.
  • The probe is made of brass for maximum product life. A change in the surface color (patina) will develop after contact with soil and water. This patina helps protect the brass from corrosion and will not affect the sensitivity of the device.
  • If the Leave-In Method is used, the probe may collect mineral deposits over time. Periodic wiping with a moist cloth and then drying will remedy the problem.


  • The probe requires good contact with the soil for the Drypoint technoligy to work accurately.
  • Therefor the Thirsty-Light is not recommended for coarse/sandy soils or orchid mix.
  • Be sure the soil is firm around the probe of the Thirsty-Light, as loose soil may result in a false "dry" reading. Do not wiggle the probe after it is inserted, which will loosen the soil.
  • Excess amounts of dissolved fertilizer can result in a false "wet" reading, when the soil is actually dry. See adjusting Performance section for help.

Battery Guide

The Thirsty-Light uses two standard 1.5V AG13 batteries

Testing the batteries

Turn the Thirsty-Light "OFF" and then back "ON" immediately. If one long blink is emitted, the batteries are adequately charged. If a triple blink + long pause is emitted or if there is no blinking, replace the batteries.

how to change batteries of the thirsty-light

Changing the batteries

  1. Remove the screw holding the battery cover and save. Insert the tip of the screwdriver under the ridge just below the cover screw hole to lift the cover off.
  2. Remove the old batteries. Install new batteries with the polarities oriented as shown (marked in the pod)
  3. Replace the battery cover by inserting the slot at the top of the opening, then snapping the bottom of the cover into place.
  4. Replace the cover screw and tighten.
  5. Verify the batteries are properly installed by turning the power switch to "ON". The LED Alert signal should emit a long blink.